Why Elvig

Why we are the best Education Consultants in the region?

Impeccable Communication and Superior Interpersonal Skills We are experienced and trustworthy education consultants that knows the importance of empathizing with students and their parents. We are soft spoken, approachable, friendly, and likable. We answer questions related to accommodation, safety and security, and courses patiently without getting annoyed. We adopt best practices for professional communication and never hides information from students.


We do take everything that you claim on face value. Remember it’s not just your hard-earned money, but also your career at stake. Ask us for solid proof such as references or testimonials. Ask us references to rate our consultant. Ask them why or why not they’d recommend hiring them.


We are reputable consultant and we answer all questions. We walk students through different processes. We provide information required for our client to make informed decisions. An also we are experienced, we do not hold information. Our counselors explain every component of the fee in detail. Guiding students is more important than profit making.

Passionate and Enthusiastic.

We love what we do. Our Student Counselors are enthusiastic about your education as you. Looking for a responsible and trustworthy education consultant in Eldoret? Look no further than ELVIG Education Consultants. We are proud to have helped several students pursue their dreams. We, more than just your consultant, are a trusted friend you can bank on.

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